NOC was built to solve the need for a highly performant, and secure platform that is affordable and accessible to organizations. NOC builds on the lessons learned over the past decade remediating and protecting hacked websites.


NOC builds on a decade of experience building, and servicing, highly scalable networks. It focuses on a leaner, more performant, tech design that yields bigger returns in both performance and security to website owners.



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220 Adams Drive, Ste 280 #304

Weatherford, Texas 76086







About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

NOC.org was founded by Daniel Cid and Tony Perez. It was built as a way to aggregrate a collection of different networking and security tools they were using to manage their own portfolio of web assets.

This platform does not disrupt an industry, instead, it builds practical, no-fuss, tools they need to manage their complex web environments. It also helps remove the dependency on "big-tech" for their various portfolios.

About Daniel and Tony

Daniel (@dcid@noc.social) and Tony (@tony@noc.social) have been building networking and security platforms for the past decade. Most notably, some of their projects, and accolades, include:

  • Founder of the OSSEC HIDS Project (Daniel)
  • Founders of Sucuri - Website Security Platform (Daniel and Tony)
  • Founders of CleanBrowsing - Content Filtering (Daniel and Tony)
  • Founders of NOC.org - Platform of Network / Security Tools (Daniel and Tony)
  • Sr Executives at GoDaddy -  Security Product Group (Daniel and Tony)
  • Advisor AlienVault (Daniel)
  • Board Member Invicti - Application Security Testing (Tony)