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Log4Shell – Lessons Learned in 30 Days

This articles provides a PSA for the WordPress 5.8.3 security release.

Posted in Log4Shell   Vulnerability   PSA   WAF   Security     /   2022-06-14

WordPress 5.8.3 Security Release

This articles provides a PSA for the WordPress 5.8.3 security release.

Posted in PSA   WordPress   Security   WAF     /   2022-06-13

Cloud-based Web Application Firewalls (WAF) & The Log4J Vulnerability

This articles speaks to the effectiveness of WAF solutions in protecting against exploits targeting the Log4J vulnerability.

Posted in PSA   Log4J   Vulnerabilities   Security   WAF     /   2022-06-13

Active Exploits against CVE-2021-41773 (Apache Web Server Exploit)

This articles speaks to exploits against CVE-2021-41773. A vulnerability effecting Apache Web Server.

Posted in Vulnerabilities   Apache   PSA   Security   WAF     /   2022-06-13

The Most Effective Security Control for Open Source Admin Panels Never Used

This articles explains why it is important to block administrative panels on platforms like WordPress.

Posted in WordPress   Joomla   Access   Security   WAF     /   2022-06-13

WooCommerce Patches Two SQLi Vulnerabilities

This articles talks about two SQLi vulnerabilities in WooCommerce, patched in 2021.

Posted in Vulnerabilities   PSA   Security   WAF     /   2022-06-13

Arbitrary File Vulnerabilities And Why They Matter to Your Website

This articles explains Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerabilities and why they matter to the security of your website.

Posted in WAF   Vulnerabilities   Security     /   2022-06-10

Automated Attacks Against WordPress Target Old Vulnerabilities

This article shows how attacks against WordPress are mostly automated.

Posted in Research   Security   WAF   WordPress     /   2022-06-10

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