NOC is a CDN

NOC ensures a fast website through the use of a global anycast CDN.

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NOC Makes Websites Fast

NOC is a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

The NOC CDN is built on top of the NOC AuthDNS service. It provides the best performance for your users. It leverages the NOC Anycast network to route your users to the closest datacenter for them. It also caches content at the NOC edge, distributed across multiple data centers, to ensure that your website visitor get responses to their requests quickly.

For example, users in West Europe, would be routed to our Germany (Frankfurt) datacenter, while your users in Florida would go to our Miami datacenter. That allows them to load the site faster, and optimized for their location.

Advanced Features

Configure a CDN that meets your needs.

The NOC CDN is unique in its ease of use, and configuration options. Some of the features include: :

  1. Caching static and dynamic pages / resources;
  2. Flexibility on what to cache and for how long.
  3. Design a custom CDN footprint;
  4. Leverage the latest technology TLS 1.3 / HTTP2;
  5. Auto-Generates HTTPS using Lets Encrypt;
  6. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, WooCommerce, Magento