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The Affects of a CDN on your Websites Performance and Users Experience (and Google)

This article explains how CDN's can have a positive effect on the performance of a website.

Posted in website-performance   cdn     /   2022-10-13

Introducing Support for WebSockets

This articles introduces WebSockets to the NOC CDN / WAF platform.

Posted in cdn-features   cdn     /   2022-10-13

Using cURL to Test the NOC CDN Performance against Fastly, Sucuri and CloudFlare

This article explains how cURL can be used to compare performance against different CDN providers (e.g., NOC vs Sucuri, NOC vs CloudFlare).

Posted in website-performance   cdn     /   2022-10-13

Evolving the CDN / WAF Stack

This articles explains the NOC architecture, diving into the details to understand how it works.

Posted in cdn     /   2022-10-13

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