Continuous Monitoring

The NOC monitoring service monitors the performance, health and availability of your web sites across multiple nodes, distributed globally across most continents for a realistic view of your applications.

Global Downtime and Availability view

If you are using a CDN or you have a global audience, our monitors can be very helpful in identifying localized performance, and availability, issues.

Here is an example of the type of alerting you'd get. In this example, we check the availability of test[.]com and this is the output:

Monitoring down from UK, London, status:timeout/100% packet loss
Monitoring down from Australia, Sydney, status:timeout/100% packet loss
Monitoring up from USA, Atlanta, status:completed, response time: 0.001secs
Monitoring up from USA, New York, status:completed, response time: 0.037secs
Monitoring up from Canada, Toronto, status:completed, response time: 0.085secs
Monitoring up from USA, Dallas, status:completed, response time: 0.001secs
Monitoring up from USA, Los Angeles, status:completed, response time: 0.001secs
Monitoring up from Germany, Frankfurt, status:completed, response time: 0.008secs
Monitoring up from Japan, Tokyo, status:completed, response time: 0.072secs
Monitoring up from Singapore, status:completed, response time: 0.197secs

An admin can note right away that London and Australia are not accessible by users.

The dashboard also provides pretty graphics with the same information to help visualize performance of your assets across different regions:

NOC Monitoring Graphic by Region

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