Install NMAP on Ubuntu

Nmap is a powerful network discovery and security auditing utility that is free, open-source, and easy to install. Nmap scans for vulnerabilities on your network, performs inventory checks, and monitors host or service uptime, alongside many other useful features.


You will need the following to install NMAP on your Ubuntu server:

  • Command line interface
  • APT Package Manager
  • Root access to server (Sudo)

Step 1: Make Sure Ubuntu is Up-to-Date

It is best practice to always run an update when installing new applications. This ensures you're running off the latest options in the package manager.

# sudo apt-get update

Step 2: Install NMAP from Package Manager

Use the APT package manager to install the latest version of NMAP:

# sudo apt-get install -y nmap

Step 3: Verify the NMAP Version

That's it. Now verify the version you're working with. At the time we wrote this post, our version was 7.8:

root@localhost:~# nmap --version
Nmap version 7.80 ( )

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