Web Server / Website Security

Hack remediation and prevention starts at $799.99 / year and includes:

Remediation and hardening includes entire web server;

Includes forensics (when possible), hardening and prevention;

24 hour SLA (Includes phone support) - White-Glove Service

Annual subscription, includes a 12 month guarantee

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The NOC Web Server / Website Security Service Includes:

The NOC security service is designed for Agencies, Service Providers, that build and manage open-source platforms on their dedicated web servers. 

This is a white-glove annual subscription that Agencies can use to complement their service offering to their customers. It's built on years of experience helping businesses better serve their customers. 


Service highlights include:

Professional Consultation

All customers get a 30 min onboarding call.  Establishes a rapport, and provides a better understand of the Indicators of Compromise (IOC). 

Web Server Security &  Hardening

Each plan provides security for 1 web server, up to 20 unique websites. Additional sites can be supported with an upgrade. Service provides comprehensive security for the webserver and associated websites.

Post-Incident Forensics & Analysis

Our service is dependent on having full administrative access to the web server. This level of access allows our team to analyze how the hack occurred and ensure the controls deployed effectively mitigate future issues.

Hack Prevention & Mitigation

Service includes server, and site, hardening to avoid future hacks. Effectiveness is limited to what an organization's risk tolerance allows for. Hardening includes deploying NOC specific cloud security solutions.

What people say about it

I engaged the NOC founders years ago, back when their research unearthed the CDork malware campaign. They have been my go-to security team ever since. They give me peace of mind, overseeing my entire web stack, allowing me to focus on my business and not on the pesky security issues.


As a self-taught developer, I have learned the hard way, the pain that comes from insecure development practices and have paid the price. The NOC team, however, have always been there ready to assist and help address any issues that might arise.

For context, my web properties serve millions of users a month, with over 1 million clicks and over 115M impressions a month. This is comprised of a complex web environment with an intricate design to ensure optimal global performance and security.


The NOC team oversees my entire stack, and the corresponding sites. They have helped mature my knowledge on security, and provide a proactive, and responsive, service that fits my organization, and customer, need.


Sean Broihier
- Fine Art America |  Owner