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Website Monitoring & Alerting

The NOC.org monitoring service is designed to provide a realistic global health report of your online digital assets (includes subdomains, server IPs, and domains).

Features include

  • Multiple, globally distributed, nodes
  • Partial / Full Outage Alert Mode
  • Integrations with email, slack

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How The Monitor Works


The NOC.org monitoring services provides a powerful monitoring platform that checks and reports on the health and performance of your domains (incl. subdomains) and server IPs.

The key differentiation is the global distribution of the nodes, providing key performance metrics relative to geographic areas (e.g., North America, Asia, Europe).

Additionally, this platform is an integrated solution. It's not just about telling you if something is up or down, but about leveraging intellegence to respond when an issue is identified. With this service organizations can remediate avaiability issues when the enhanced records are used in the Auth-DNS service.