Auth-DNS: Smart Routing with Enhanced Records

To leverage the smart routing options in the NOC Auth-DNS service a zone file must have more than one A record for the same domain.

NOC Dashboard - Enhanced Record Editing

Step 1: Open Domain Zone File

From the Authoritative DNS dashboard, click the name of the domain in your domain list.

NOC Dashboard - Traffic Illustration

This will automatically open the zone file for the domain.

Step 2: Add New Record

Click Add New Record

NOC Dashboard - Adding New Records

Select the A record type.

Name your subdomain, in our example we'll go with smart.

NOC Dashboard - Configuring Subdomains

Repeat the process twice, using the same name for the subdomain, but selecting a different IP for the origin.

Doing this will automatically activate the enhanced records interface.

Step 2: Edit Enhanced Options

Click on edit enhanced options to access the smart routing options:

NOC Dashboard - Edit Enhnaced Options

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