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Authoritative DNS – Automated Failover Recovery

Automatically detect when there is an availability issue, mitigate the issue, and recover when issue is resolved.

A domains availability is a critical piece of the domains security, it’s why it’s a key pillar of the security triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability). Our job as network administrators is to ensure that the domains we manage stay up, but the current state of affairs on the web can make it exceptionally difficult. To help with this, our Authoritative DNS platform offers a Failover Response feature that a) detects if availability is being affected, and b) automatically shifts traffic to secondary service.

Automated Detection, Mitigation, Recovery

In its simplest form, failover response shifts a domains traffic based on the domains performance health. If the service detects that the domain is not responding to requests, it will notify the network administrator and automatically reroute the domains traffic to the backup location. Using the domains zone records, NOC.org is able to easily identify issues at the origin, or edge, and update on behalf of the network administrator. How The Failover Feature Works The failover feature depends on a few things to be true before responding to an incident:

Continuous MonitoringThis feature depends on continuous monitoring of your zone file and associated IP’s to ensure they are available and performing optimally.
Detection and NotificationIt needs to understand, and differentiate, between localized and global incidents. All incidents will be logged and network administrators will be notified of an issue.
Redundant OptionThe platform will require a secondary failover origin to leverage in the event an incident is identified.
Redundant VerificationSystem will verify redundant platform is available before making changes to a zones records.
Primary UpdatesThe redundant origin will only be used while the primary system is unavailable, the minute the issue has been resolved the system will automatically update the zone record to leverage the origin option.

Benefits of a Failover Response Feature

Availability issues always arise at a point where a team member is indisposed, and often at a time when it’s difficult to immediately mitigate. This delay in response can be costly to an organization, especially one that is highly dependent on online engagements or sales (e.g., an e-commerce site). A an automated Failover response feature is a network administrators best friend, it is there when they least expect it, and is trusted partner to provide the necessary help necessary to help mitigate any potential availability issues. It has the ability to automatically respond to issues, saving the individual from the pressures that come from downtimes.

Updated on December 8, 2023

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