Geo-Based Routing

Assign different routes according to a users region, that’s the premise of this feature.

With Geo-based routing a network administrator is able to assign different IP addresses to a record allowing the platform to respond appropriately based on the users location.

For example, if you have multiple web servers in different countries, you can assign their IP to the users closest to the user according to their physicals location.

Custom CDN w/Geo-Based Routing

Most web platform don’t need a CDN with 150+ Points of Presence (POP). Most sites have a need to service a localized market, with maybe a few regions. Geo-based routing gives a network admin the control they need to build their own CDN with limited knowledge and resources.

Using Auth-DNS a user can create a globally distributed network across the regions they care about the most, while maintaining access to their own data and without the overhead that comes with complex architectures. With this option, a network administrator can deploy multiple copies of a site across different servers, announcing their IP address badsed on the region they are located.

You don’t need a third-party CDN, you can build your own.

Example Auth-based CDN

An organization has 3 LInode servers, one in Newark, one in London, and one in Singapore. An administrator could leverage the NOC auth-DNS to optimize routing by announcing from the appropriate location dependent on the users location.

Server Location Coverage
Newark Server North America and South America
London Server Europe and Africa
Singapore Server Asia

If you have more servers, you can get even more granular and build a powerful CDN fully customized to an organizations needs. Those resources are also monitored by our performance and availability monitors. This ensures that active responses and recovery is active through the entire network.

This means if a node in the portfolio fails, it is detected, and removed from the stack until it’s been remediated automatically. This ensures the networks availability and integrity. Once the node is remediated, the system will automatically detect when it is back online and seamlessly integrate into the stack on the admins behalf.

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