High Availability (HA)

Design and implement High Availability (HA) zones without a CDN.

NOC.org built its platform on an anycast network distributed across 20+ points of presence around the world. This level of global network distribution ensures that your zone files are appropriately maintained with the highest availability and redundancy available. Our network topology also allows us to quickly expand horizontally as necessary to ensure the networks availability is never jeopardize. We augment this level availability with multiple upstream providers to ensure our redundancy is in place so that in the event that any aspect of the network is disrupted, the failsafes kick in and the reserve networks pick up the load.

While this speaks to what we do to provide our customers HA & Redundancy, it doesn’t speak to what you can do with the technology to create your own.

Auth-DNS For High Availability (HA)

Today, service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) allow organizations to create multiple availability zones around the world. Network admins can leverage the AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) platform to balance and distribute traffic across the network. While effective, it comes with a hefty price and complexity.

NOC.org allows you to create a similar experience for a fraction of a faction of the cost and complexity that AWS introduces using Authoritative DNS.

By leveraging a server node on any number of host providers (e.g., Linode, Digital Ocean, OVH) a network admin can create their own high availability (HA) zones using Authoritative DNS as the traffic monitor and routing layer. This can be coupled with automated failover response, and recovery, proximity routing or Geo-Based routing.

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