Incubator of great ideas is an incubator of great ideas and tools to solve networking challenges.

Categorify is a categorization project to properly rate websites into PG, PG-13, SFW and NSFW.

CleanBrowsing Anycast DNS

CleanBrowsing offers a family and kid-safe way to browse the web without surprises. It automatically blocks adult content, while still allowing Google, Youtube, Bing and the core of the web to work - safely.

CleanBrowsing DNS Firewall

CleanBrowsing offers a comprehensive DNS firewall package that gives you visibility and control of what is allowed on your network. Used by schools, universities and businesses to protect what is allowed to go online.

Ddecode is a PHP decoder to help you bring to light what is hidden behind some malicious and malware code.

DNS RPZ offers multiple DNS RPZ (response policy zones) that can be leveraged by 3rd parties to monitor and block access to malicious domains or certain domain categories (adult, gaming, social network, etc). Email us at for details.


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