Host DNS with NOC

Control all aspects of your domain with advanced zone records and routing.

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Host DNS with NOC

NOC offers an Authoritative DNS

AuthDNS services are typically coupled with a domain's registrar and for many they are treated as one. Here, we have decoupled the service intentionally so that a user can take full advantage of what AuthDNS service can offer.

It's designed to ensure you have the latest features at your fingertips including smart routing, enhanced records, and automated failover recovery features. It's built on an anycast network that allows for global host announcement and route management the ensures optimal performance for your users.

Advanced Features

Options for Monitoring Websites

Authoritative DNS' are critical components of the internet, without them navigating the web would be exponentially more difficult.

Some features include:

  1. Fail-over redundancy;
  2. Partial / Full Outage Alert Mode;
  3. Enhanced request performance and routing;
  4. High-availability;
  5. Visibility and parsing;