Introducing Support for WebSockets

The NOC platform offers its customers a global CDN / WAF. This technology runs on an anycast network that has points of presence around the world. While anyone with a domain can use the platform, Agencies and Hosts get the most bang for their buck on our platform.

We're excited to announce support for WebSocket connections. Not many CDN's currently offer it, so we'll just talk about CloudFlare and how we compare. The biggest difference is we there are no Volume limitations, thresholds, for concurrent connections. Everyone gets the same configuration.

What are WebSockets?

Adopted in 2011, WebSockets are a TCP-based protocol that allows a persistent connection between the browser and the server. Every modern browser supports it, and it allows the server and browser to maintain an active state of communication without explicit requests.

Where does this matter?

Well, think of something like video games or chats that require an immediate exchange of data between the users. Another great example is something like Facebook Messenger and other similar apps that require immediate communication without the user taking a specific action (e.g., click "update" button). WebSockets solves this problem, it allows for bi-directional communication without "requests" being required by the browser. Neat! We know.

NOC Web Socket Communication

Think to note about WebSockets is that it is not a replacement to HTTP, it's an upgrade, and it's not something every web application needs unless you need that low-latency, real-time, connection over the web.

We're obviously not the first to implement support for WebSockets, but we are one of the few to do it at the edge. Now you too can take advantage for a fraction of the prices of what you're probably paying.

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