Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The CDN is designed to improve the global performance of your websites, minimizing your traffic utilization, enhancing your security and improving the experience for your users.


No Credit Card Required. Starting at $1 / month.

How the Content Delivery Network (CDN) Works

The NOC CDN is built on top of the NOC AuthDNS service. It provides the best performance for your users. It leverages the NOCĀ  Anycast network to route your users to the closest datacenter for them.


For example, users in West Europe, would be routed to our Germany (Frankfurt) datacenter, while your users in Florida would go to our Miami datacenter. That allows them to load the site faster, and optimized for their location.

The CDN uses the enhanced records NOC introduced into their Auth-DNS. These records allow for advanced smart routing customizations like proximity routing, geo-based routing, automated failover and recovery and high availability.


Interested? You can try our NOC CDN for free for 14 days - and it will only cost $1 per month per site after that.

Protect Your Web Applications

Features include

  • Powered by nginx Flexible and powerful platform.
  • Caching static and dynamic pages / resources.
  • Gives you flexibility on what to cache and for how long.
  • Design a custom CDN footprint;
  • Cache files longer, up to 30 days for static files;
  • Leverage the latest technology TLS 1.3 / HTTP2;
  • Auto-Generates HTTPS using Lets Encrypt;
  • Enhanced protection of access and slugs;
  • Great for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, WooCommerce, Magento