NOC WAF Protects
Against AFU

Arbitrary File Upload (AFU) vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities that allow bad actors to upload files to your server, and the NOC WAF helps protect against attacks targeting them.

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"A vulnerability where the hacker directly uploads or side loads a file to the website through a faulty application and then executes the file to fulfill a malicious task."

AFU Vulnerabilities

Arbitrary File Upload vulnerabilities are not as popular as SQLi or RCE vulnerabilities, but are just as dangerous. These vulnerabilities allows a bad actor to upload a malicious file to perform specific functions on the designated server / application.

AFU vulnerabilities are popular in uploading backdoors. They come in two very distinct flavors:

  1. Local File Uploads;
  2. Remote File Uploads;

The NOC WAF is able to mitigate attacks that try to abuse AFU vulnerabilities.

How The NOC WAF Works

The NOC platform is unique in its proprietary Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology. This technology complements the CDN and ensures that your website is always protected.

Some features include:

  1. Virtual Hardening at the Edge;
  2. Virtual Patching of Application Vulnerabilities;
  3. Mitigation of Remote Exploit Attempts;
  4. Bot Detection and Mitigation;
  5. Access Control Protection (incl. Browser Authentication)