Against DDoS

DDoS are attacks used to take down web sites by throwing a large amount of requests at them. blocks those before they can reach your servers.

**No credit card required. - Simple Pricing

Yes, $5 per site per month.

That's it. All included. You can use our DNS, our WAF/CDN, our Monitoring - or just some of them. DDoS mitigation is included as well.

DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks can be devastating and cause extended downtime. Get DDoS mitigation to be ready if they ever happen against your site. Types of DDoS we block:

  1. Layer 7 / HTTP, HTTPS floods
  2. TCP syn floods
  3. UDP amplification attacks
  4. DNS amplification attacks

And many others.

How The NOC WAF Works

The NOC platform is unique in its proprietary Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology. This technology complements the CDN and ensures that your website is always protected.

Some features include:

  1. Virtual Hardening at the Edge;
  2. Virtual Patching of Application Vulnerabilities;
  3. Mitigation of Remote Exploit Attempts;
  4. Bot Detection and Mitigation;
  5. Access Control Protection (incl. Browser Authentication)