Responding to Website Security Incidents – Incident Response Plan Basics

If there is one thing that we have learned from vulnerabilities like Log4Shell, Heartbleed, Apache Struts Framework, Shellshock, and so many others is that when it comes to the components that power the web, the fabric of the internet, we are not prepared. That acknowledgement is critical in helping us psychologically acknowledge that security itself […]

The Importance of Asset Monitoring

When we manage multiple assets, we must know what we have and their state. This is especially true when managing complex web ecosystems. Whether they are applications dependent on continuous communication with endpoints, or architectures reliant on multiple origins. At NOC, we don’t specifically talk to inventory management, or discovery, but should be invested in. […]

A Website Security Framework Intro

A framework should provide the underlying structure from which we built our security governance program. Consider a home. Regardless of the type of home, they all have a similar framework. The framework keeps the house together and defines the basic structure, it starts with the foundation on which the house will sit. From there, the […]