Registries, Registrars and DNS

There are fundamental elements that play a critical role in ensuring the internets functionality and accessibility. Among these, three key components stand out—registries, registrars, and the Domain Name System (DNS). While these terms may sound technical and complex, they form the backbone of our online experiences, shaping the way we navigate the web and access […]

The Affects of a CDN on your Websites Performance and Users Experience (and Google)

One of the most common questions we get related to our CDN is about performance. How much faster does it really make a website? Is it worth the trouble to enable a CDN for my site? Does performance have a material impact? Is it worth the cost benefit analysis? Let’s explore those questions. In this […]

Introducing DNSRepo

For over a decade Daniel and I have been building very big networks. These networks have amassed massive amounts of usage data and for years it was what we used to get smarter about how we identified and mitigated attacks. When asked, what made us different, it was always about two things: Today, things are […]