Introducing API Security – Access Control Protection

Application Programing Interfaces (API) are foundational to how most of today’s modern applications work. By design, they enable two systems to communicate and transfer information. When implemented correctly, we don’t realize we’re interfacing with APIs. They are, however, found in almost everything we interact with daily – websites, mobile apps, kiosks at malls and airports, […]

Introducing DNSRepo

For over a decade Daniel and I have been building very big networks. These networks have amassed massive amounts of usage data and for years it was what we used to get smarter about how we identified and mitigated attacks. When asked, what made us different, it was always about two things: Today, things are […]

Evolving the CDN / WAF Stack

A decade ago we built our first CDN/WAF solution. It was built from a need to keep websites from getting reinfected. At the time, our company was focused on identifying and remediating hacked websites. What we learned in the process is that it really doesn’t matter what you tell a website owner, they will rarely […]