Recovering a Business From a Cyber Attack

Over the past decade we have helped countless organizations respond to security incidents around the world. There is a common theme each time, with exception to large enterprises with an established security team, most small businesses have no idea where to start. The following article will help expand on some of the lessons we’ve learned […]

Arbitrary File Vulnerabilities And Why They Matter to Your Website

Our last article explored trends we were seeing against WordPress and something became very evident – Arbitrary File Vulnerabilities ranked #1 for vulnerabilities being scanned for. Although the scope of our tests were limited, it does a lot to help better defenders better understand the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) being employed by bad actors. Why Arbitrary […]

Evolving the CDN / WAF Stack

A decade ago we built our first CDN/WAF solution. It was built from a need to keep websites from getting reinfected. At the time, our company was focused on identifying and remediating hacked websites. What we learned in the process is that it really doesn’t matter what you tell a website owner, they will rarely […]