Introducing DNSRepo

For over a decade Daniel and I have been building very big networks. These networks have amassed massive amounts of usage data and for years it was what we used to get smarter about how we identified and mitigated attacks. When asked, what made us different, it was always about two things:

  1. The ability to collect and record data, and
  2. The ability to derive intelligence from this data.

Today, things are no different. What is different, however, is our desire to expose these insights to help empower other network and security professionals. It’s especially important as the conversation about Attack Surface Management (ASM) continues to grow in popularity.

Coincidently, although having a fancy name and acronym, the idea is not new. In 2015 I was having a conversation with Motorola, we were working to get them onboarded and I remember asking a very simple question: How many sites do you have/

And what followed next was deafening – silence. No one on the team was able to answer that question. It was at that moment that I truly felt the weight of the phrase, “You can’t protect what you don’t know exists.”

The problem today is as prevalent as it was 6 years ago, and it’s why we’re releasing a free tool to help.

DNSRepo – A Free Network Visibility Tool

DNSRepo is built directly from our massive global network. It’s based on utilization data as we see it on our platforms. With this tool, analysts can quickly, and easily, identify the pieces of their network that may, or may not, be exposed. It can also be used for forensic and other discovery activities.

Here are a few things you can easily do with DNSRepo:

  • Find the domains being hosted on a given IP;
  • Find domains using a specific subdomain;
  • Find subdomains associated with a specific domain;
  • Find domains hosted by a specific platform;

This is just the beginning. DNSRepo is at the core of how a lot of our intelligence works across all our platforms and we want to expose it to help you do your job as well. Stay tuned as we slowly integrate, and expose, other critical data points that we find helpful, and believe you will too.

As a tool for you, we also want to open it for feedback on things you would find helpful. Send us an email at and if it’s something we collect and can expose, we will.